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My Blockspring block is not working with Bubble

You are free to play with our block written in blockspring here:

It takes only one value as input and it produces a flat json with strings, integers and floats.
Nothing fancy so far.

However when we try to integrate this call inside bubble we get the following message:

Could you elaborate? Shall we wait? Is anything that could be done from our part?
Thank you

So that’s an issue on the Blockspring end, their backend doesn’t return the response data structure yet for custom blocks. I’m checking with them, but have you tried running the block a few times within their interface or on Excel?

Just talked with their team, we should have this work automatically by the end of the week.


@pligor are you trying to do a Diffbot call? That’s also what I’m waiting for.

What is a diffbot?
I have put the publicly available call at the top of the question

We just pushed a much deeper integration with blockspring, let us know how it goes :smile:


We are afraid that this error message is persistent and still the same even after the commit you have pushed.

We are trying to figure out what this error message means: “This block doesn’t have an identified type” but our attempt failed. A more explanatory error message is required.
As a wild guess we tried to create an entity called PvCalc that has the same fields as the returned json from the call but still we get the same message.
It would be good if nothing in Bubble works with wild guesses either way :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your response because the issue is not resolved

Are you sure you defined the right type within blockspring? I think you’re supposed to define the type of block there.

Yes ok now we see this configuration. We will setup it after blockspring shows us a little bit more of what these types mean.
However these types seem optional. They are not require them for blockspring to work.
But we see how it would be useful on your part.
Let me get back at you for that. Thanks for pointing us to the right direction

Pligor would be GREAT if you would let us know if you got it to work. I’m a rookie developer trying to get an experimental tool for the rest of our business to work. Even a short and simple step-by-step example using a custom block would be much appreciated:). I suspect there will be many rookies who will substantially benefit

Thanks @buryenigun. I second that.

After setting the right type according to this:

We have integrated our block from blockspring very quickly and smoothly!

Excellent job!

Keep it up this way


How do I get to be part of the Slack Bubble team?

@macro101 go to this link and sign up at the bottom.