Your best Blockspring cases

Hey people

People keep referring to Blockspring, and I’ve explored their website several times to see if there are features I could implement in my apps. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I still don’t have a full grip on what Blockspring actually does that sets it apart from regular API connections (apart from the spreadsheet features, which are nice, but not needed for me at the moment).

I thought we could use a thread to see some great cases on how Blockspring is used with Bubble. Anyone willing to share some experiences?


@kramwe and I host numerous algorithms on Blockspring. The value for us is that it enables us to host code, make updates, quickly publish an API, and provide production-grade performance that scales well for all of this.

For example, we host a matching algorithm on Blockspring that matches 100’s of people in our app for 1-on-1 video calls. We use sophisticated algorithms for this that match people based on numerous criteria. Way, way more complex math than can be done directly in Bubble. And, this algorithm is written in R so it’s single-threaded. As such, if we hosted it ourselves, we could only hit it once at a time or else the server couldn’t reply right away. So, we’d need to build a cluster of servers, with a load balancer, etc. However, Blockspring takes care of this by serving it from many different servers so even if we hit it 100 times a second, we’ll get a reply for each.

We also use Blockspring to host algorithms that calculate time-zone differences, capitalize’s objects and people’s names correctly, etc. As such, it’s been incredibly valuable to us.


Thanks for sharing @sridharan.s!