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[Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble

Bonjour Bubblers :wave:

I was pretty concerned about SEO and not being able to easily have a shiny Ghost CMS going along with my bubble app.

After a weekend looking around, I found a pretty tiny-code solution :sweat_smile: :bulb: Cloudflare Workers

left : my bubble app | right : my ghost blog

How it works

And the complete guide where I go deeper in the setup and explaination

No excuses to kick-off your SEO now :facepunch::facepunch:
PS: This is still experimental – especially on the HTMLWriter part, if you are seeing issues please post here and we will improve it together :slight_smile:


Cool stuff - thanks for sharing!

I haven’t gone too far into this, but if I had a WordPress site on the root domain, could I add the Bubble app to a /app subfolder?

Yes it does as long as you use cloudflare !

I still have a little bug with some images not loading, will check it out tomorrow

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That could be huge!

This looks promising. Please keep us updated @stephane

srcset image are loading correctly: I’ve updated the cloudflare worker code

But still running into some issue with ->

For the moment I am using the latter to write my posts

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