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[Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble

Bonjour Bubblers :wave:

I was pretty concerned about SEO and not being able to easily have a shiny Ghost CMS going along with my bubble app.

After a weekend looking around, I found a pretty tiny-code solution :sweat_smile: :bulb: Cloudflare Workers

left : my bubble app | right : my ghost blog

How it works

And the complete guide where I go deeper in the setup and explaination

No excuses to kick-off your SEO now :facepunch::facepunch:
PS: This is still experimental – especially on the HTMLWriter part, if you are seeing issues please post here and we will improve it together :slight_smile:


Cool stuff - thanks for sharing!

I haven’t gone too far into this, but if I had a WordPress site on the root domain, could I add the Bubble app to a /app subfolder?

Yes it does as long as you use cloudflare !

I still have a little bug with some images not loading, will check it out tomorrow

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That could be huge!

This looks promising. Please keep us updated @stephane

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srcset image are loading correctly: I’ve updated the cloudflare worker code

But still running into some issue with ->

For the moment I am using the latter to write my posts

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@stephane did you manage to make this work? I clicked on the complete guide link that you shared but it opens an empty page.
I mean this link -

@levon it does not work anymore since I migrated to bubble new dns cloudflare [New feature] Cloudflare for all

The worker is still working but not the route. I’ve wrote to CF and waiting for their answer…

@stephane I am trying to make this work out through worker on Cloudflare, referring to your blog post below, but got this error…any idea?

If this is not working for you and you are in need of a solution for getting a blog with SEO benefits plus a CMS I’ve built a template that does that. Benefit of the template is that it is built in Bubble, so no need for a 3rd party monthly hosting fee.

I built this template to help alleviate the need for the extra costs of hosting a blog on a 3rd party platform as well as negating the need to go through complex processes of connecting a bubble app to a 3rd party service as I was not personally capable of understanding the complexities of such an endeavor.

If the solution on this thread works out for you that is great, if not consider checking out the template as almost all apps need a content solution to help boost SEO.

Ok guys I figured it out. @levon @pyamap

so basically you need to disable to cloudflare acceleration by bubble.

  • let your cloudflare handle the caching etc
  • use custom routes so /blog →

Live there : HackerHouse Blog

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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@pyamap your error comes from the worker. You have to manually try it first

wow @stephane great job, thanks!

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Hey @stephane thanks so much! Pretty impressive

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Thanks so much for amazing tutorial @stephane!

I am just following it now, I don’t seem to have the ‘Accelerate this domain using Cloudflare’ checkbox in my domain settings. I’m on a professional plan, has anyone else had problems with this?

We migrated from .paris to .world and we don’t have this checkbox anymore swell…
We’ve asked bubble and it seems they did this for legacy domain names.
We asked them if they could put it back, waiting for their answer :slight_smile: cc @jess


Hey @stephane, thanks for all your work on this. I’m trying to work out the best plan of attack for my new blog - have you heard back on this?

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not yet - we are still waiting an answer from the bubble team…

Bad news everyone.

This is really sad but you won’t be to customise your CF settings, thus make the routing feature I have explained.