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[Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble

Yes in the end it was too hacky/dirty to do it. It’s best to complain here then bubble will tell us how they did or let us disable cloud flare acceleration so we can use cloud flare workers properly

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Hi boston85719, I am interested in your template to create a blog builder within my existing bubble app. Is that possible to do with the template, or is the template a stand-alone app?

Hi @rmaduro

Thanks for your interest and reaching out for clarity.

When you purchase a template you can then ‘integrate’ that template into another application. The process to follow is not complicated but can be a bit time consuming, although much less time consuming than building it out own your own.

The blog builder template usually takes me about 3 hours to integrate into another application, and I would suspect this could be more for somebody less familiar with the template.

If you wanted to purchase the template and use it as the base for beginning a new project that is also possible.

Feel free to reach out via a private message if you have more questions.



Wow, this is immensely disappointing.

Come on, Bubble. I have nearly 30 Web/ mobile apps to launch in the next three years with various cofounders, and I need to be able to do a similar integration with Bubble and WordPress – without using subdomains and/or iframes. I want to use Bubble, but this is a showstopper. I don’t want to use headless WP content pulled into a Bubble page nor a Bubble-based blog

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Very surprised SEO isn’t a focus for Bubble. SEO helps apps/business be more profitable and enables us all to be long term partners of Bubble. There must be some technical explanation as to why. @emmanuel

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Hi Guys,
I have a question about the subfolder,

I try to show Bubble page on another website with Cloudflare workers.

And my problem is when I click the submit button, create a new thing flow is not working but show alert or show group flow is working with the subfolder.

Do you have a suggestion?

My bubble app link is as a subfolder:

I created a new post to promote interest in solving this problem. The goal is to produce a clear and concise guide to solve this. Please like or comment on this post to show your interest. Share to threads similar to this one to help create a focused effort. I’m putting a group of people together to look into it. We will get this done.

(Linked to this post in the new post).


Anything new regarding this Ghost implementation?

Did anyone find a solution to this yet by chance?

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Anyone managed to find a workable solution to solve this ?

Unfortunately there is currently no workable solution. I’m still sticking with a subdomain blog.

So you know, on a dedicated server the option to disable cloudflare acceleration exists

Also this other thread’s comments might be helpful to this topic