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Solution to host blog posts in subdirectory with another CMS

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a solution to develop my SEO with a blog on the website I am creating with bubble. The issue is, Bubble is not really made for SEO performance does not seem very effective for that purpose for technical reasons…

Therefore, I would like to use another CMS to manage the blog section of my website. Ideally I would like the blog to be located in the subdirectory and not subdomain as it seems more effective for SEO.

There are a few websites that manage to do it :
Bubble itself uses Ghost CMS to manage their blog ( and uses Oxygen (

How can I do the same thing ? Any idea ?


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This has been tried before but in the end was too hacky to work as a reliable solution. Find the full thread here; [Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble

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Thanks Juicebox.
It would be nice if Bubble explained how they manage to use Ghost on a subdirectory (

I really hope this is on their roadmap given the fact that SEO is the second best acquisition channel for the demand-side of a marketplaces (number one is word of mouth).


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