Blogging with Notion

I am trying to launch a blog for the app the I am building, but I prefer to write and manage it in Notion.

Since Notion released an API, I was wondering if it’s possible to pull the full page from Notion and present it on the Bubble page as a blog post without breaking the layouts?

Or maybe you can suggest an ultimate way to run a blog on the website so it gets indexed by Google.

Thank you


Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment because all Notion blocks are not available through the API.

But it is still possible to do it via a simple Notion page with simple blocks such as H1, H2, …, Paragraphs, To-Dos or Checkboxes.

Also, you can get a block from Notion to Bubble but you can’t update a block from Bubble to Notion.

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Just curious if there have been any updates to this? Was thinking about adding notion to my app since so many people use it.