Blog integration and CMS

Hi everbody!

I want to add a bloggin feature to my new app! I wonder how can I do it?! Is there a way? if so, can I allow my coworkers to post?

Thanks for your responses and help!

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I have developed a very simple blog system manager myself.

However, you might like to check out …


Wow! It seems very useful!

Thanks Nigel for your response, it was really helpful! It would be nice to see how you used the solutions!

Oh, and I am a designer with basic coding knowledge, do you think it works for me? It looks great so far!

Hope to know for you soon! Have a fantastic day!

@NigelG you don’t maybe have an example that you can show? I’m able to connect but battling to show the data

Yeah, it is a little jargon-ful :rolling_eyes:

But have managed to pull back some basic test data fairly easily.

To be honest if might be a little to heavy for a blog. You might be better just building the simple blog features yourself.

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Thank @NigelG. It is heavy for a blog. I’m doing my blog in Bubble but I wanted to do a reference type page like Bubble’s. The thing that I’m battling with is getting the data for the categories and posts. How do you specify it? Their developer documents can get a bit confusing.

Not quite sure what you are after ?

The general idea was to use their web front end for blog post creation (and managing users, categories etc) and then just pull the post content types over into Bubble to display.

Hey guys, so in conclusion, is it better to use this contentful tool, or build the blog features? Since Im not a developer, I want to know the easiest and best way to work a blog out for me and my partners to relay on.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, your comments and advice!

I’ve built a blog for my app on bubble. Contentful is as @NigelG says a bit heavy for a blog.
I’m trying to use it for something else on my app but I’m not sure if I’m going to use it or rather do everything in Bubble.

Thanks for the reply Nigel.

I’m trying to a reference page the same as Bubble’s. I wanted to keep the content on Contentful but I;m currently trying to do everything on Bubble.

Actually that sounds like a good use for contentful.

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So you think the pros are more than the cons for Contentful? Does it worth to give it a try?

It is but I can’t get it give me the correct data.
I can connect but I can’t get the data to show in a HTML element.

This is the best I could do. I can’t get it to show the list of posts and contents of the posts

Not sure that showing it in an HTML element is quite right, although maybe missing soemthing.

Your API needed a main list …

Then you can pull back the entries into a repeating group.

Although I have yet to work out how you just get just the blog posts back, rather than the categories too.

But it works, and is pretty quick to create pages when you have it all set up.

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Thanks Nigel appreciate it! I’ll play around with it and see what I can do.
@NigelG how did you do the main list? Obviously I’m missing something :hushed:

The dropdown on the initialise API dialogue box.

Kicking off a product based app tomorrow, using Contentful as an easy way not to have to build all the product management stuff.

First go at a Medium style blog.

Once you understand the way contentful API works (insert moan about it being waffly and developer focused) it is very quick to build out the display. There are probably only a handful of different API calls you need.

  1. Main List (so list of blogs, list of products)
  2. Individual item (so click through from list to blog post)
  3. List by Author (or product category etc)
  4. Details of Author (or category etc).

Hi Nigel,

I noticed that not all API POST have the main_list option. Any idea why this is the case?? I’m working to POST data to Blockspring using Bubble Connector because I know from our prior conversations how to input multi-value JSON key:pairs into the database. I know that the main_list option was needed, but I’m not getting it as an option in the POST I’ve set up.

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Maybe it is only there if there is an array detected ?

Make sure you test out your call in something like Postman first, so you are sure of the data coming back.

if you are just getting an error back, then setting the data up won’t work.