Bold/Underline dynamic text elements

I’m using a dynamic field that brings in a response that changes all the time. I want to be able to highlight/underline/bold specific words that I can feed in.

I’ve tried some conditional formatting, but it just ends up replacing the text.
Not sure how I can enable this using some plugins maybe? Or some CSS?

Would love some advice on how to do this?

I’m attempting to change the underline/bold depending on what the user has input in a dynamic text field.

Like in the screenshot

if you are using a text field, you can use Rich Text Editor, highlight your dynamic text section and apply highlight/underline/bold there

or you can simply add tags in front like [ b ] my dynamic text [ / b ] or [ u ] my dynamic text [ / u ] (no spaces in btwen)

Thanks for the response,

Here’s an example, this field will have a paragraph entered into it from a user. I want certain text within the paragraph to be highlighted or bolded. I don’t know what the text says until the user enters it in.

Does that make sense?

does desired higlighted words need to be dynamic? if not you can just use a find and replace operation for each desired words. I’m trying to give you the simplest solution before jump in with some js. snippets

That works great!

I have more complex work down the line but this works for my purposes. Thanks Jef!

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