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Half text color - Possible or not?

Hi; Can we (with bbcode) or somehow have one text element’s text in two or more colors?

Example until this word - is green color, then until here - is blue, etc

Yes, use bb code to pick which word and what colors you want to use. There is an option in text field to use advanced text editor.

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If you open the rich text editor in the text element it allows you to do that.

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Oh, sorry!

Haven’t mentioned that the text will be dynamic, and for the text first line font color will be different from the rest of the text (color).

in this case, unless the dynamic text is split into segments beforehand, I personally wouldn’t know how to make certain words in one piece of dynamic text appear in different colours, before hand.

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Great! Now this tread is going further :slight_smile:

My first though that could lead to the possibility, to use a condition that counts letter number in the text - where certain number of letters will be our “first line”.

I am sure something can be done with regex too but that is not my forte, Will the different coloured texts all come from the same dynamic text entry?

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One text data field, e.g. for first 30 characters to be one color, and rest another.

Yeah it sounds like its something Regex rules should be able to help with

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Anyone knows more about that, or other examples?

(Will check it out, although have previously found Regex quite “heavy”?)

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