Booking app - link time slots to dates

Hi all,

I’m very new to Bubble and would appreciate some help.

I’m creating a booking app mocked off the “Build ZocDoc with Bubble” tutorial.

I’ve taken the tutorial a step further by assigning the amount of seats / tickets available for each time slot as this is what my end use will need.

My ‘confirm booking’ workflow subtracts the number of seats being booked from the number of seats currently available for said time slot and that works fine.

The issue I have is that I haven’t linked the timeslots to a calendar or set of dates… Right now if you book a timeslot, it does not take into account the date you’re booking for (other than to send your selected date through in the form for appointment details).

How could I update the timeslot availability across a full calendar, meaning every calendar day has the set timeslots available for booking?

I hope this kind of makes sense. Thanks!!


I have the same problem. If someone has the solution it could really help me.

There are a few strategies for creating Time Slots and it all depends on your exact use case for what might be best.

Here is a an example app that shows how you can generate Date & Time Slots using the TopCal plugin, there are some videos there and you can also access the Bubble Editor to copy elements and see more behind the scenes:

Run mode:
Bubble Editor:

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