Bookings: how to show the booked user on property page

Hey everyone so the concept is an Admin (user) creates a Airbnb property, another user books that property. I want to show the booked user’s profile information in the booked property also have the admin’s profile information in the property page aswell.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Hi there, @justin.j.russell… you should already have access to the Admin’s profile information on the property page because the Admin is the creator of the property thing, right? As for the booked user’s profile information, could it be as simple as having a Booked By field of type User on the property data type? Then, when a property is booked, you update the property thing’s Booked By field with the booked user, and then you would have easy access to the user’s profile information. Make sense?

Hope this helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


Thanks for the reply @mikeloc! This makes it a little more clear… before i had admin and user in the user datatype, so every time the admin would make a new property the user would show up booked on every property created by admin

Im a little less confused but still majorly confused, i have a datatype as “Apartments” in the field type “booked by - User” So now when i start the work flow in the admins “notification page” the admins gets to accept or decline the booking. When admin presses the accept button i “Make Changes to Apartments” Things to Change is “Current Cells Apartments” then “booked by = ??” im having trouble understanding how to select the user who booked the apartment…

We’ve all been there, my friend. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to help without knowing more about your app, but you say the admin gets to accept or decline a booking, right? Well, in order for there to be a booking to accept or decline, a particular user has requested the booking, yes? If so, wouldn’t the booked by user simply be the user who has initiated the request for the booking?

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@mikeloc your suggestions have been a huge help! Ok so i deleted the whole request format to simplify and did what you said. I created a ‘booked by - user type’ in the Apartments ‘Data type’ and that works smoothly, thanks for that! Now i would need the admin &/or user to be able to cancel the booking, kinda struggling with this now lol

In the work flow i tried using ‘delete thing’ but its deleting the user from user data type and now i have to recreate a new user lol i think i have done this about 1000 times. what am i doing wrong…my logic is basing it off a friend request kinda idea???

Hmm, as we get farther down a path here, I’m now thinking I might have an Apartment data type and a Booking data type, and the latter would have fields for the associated apartment and the user who is requesting the booking. I might also have a field in the Booking data type to track the state of a particular booking., and I would likely use an option set to define the states. So, when a booking is requested, a new thing is created in the Booking data type, and the state of that thing could be set to “requested”. If the booking is approved, the state could change to “approved”, and if the booking is canceled, you could either delete the associated thing or set its state to “canceled” and then filter it out of certain views based on the state.

Anyway, I’m kind of shooting from the hip here without knowing exactly what’s going on with your app, but does any of that sound like it could work for you?

Hey @mikeloc thanks for taking time out of your day to help me!

Ok i tried what you suggested and things are looking good. Now im stuck at the “notification page” i cant see the repeating group where the admin accepts or declines. The screen shot below shows when a user clicks the “Book Request” it adds the current user & Admin to the list of users to the booking request data type.

Then i do this above because its what i did for my follow/unfollow friends, i dont need to add Admin & User to the user field but i do believe i can use it for future use.

So the last step below of the workflow, i did what @mikeloc suggested and added a “booked request - User” to the Apartment Datatype and thats what giving me the ability to add my initial question on how to add a User to the Admins Property page.

I would like to finish off this booking by having the Admin accept or decline the users booking request. But i cant see the repeapating group that has the booking request listof users…

i also added a state but it cant work until i find that repeating group to accept the booking. Any thoughts on what i should do or redo?

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