Books on Bubble (or the lack thereof)

As much as I enjoy my Udemy and YouTube video tutorials, I really prefer a good reference book.
A while ago I checked and there was a book … but in Spanish.
Now on Amazon, I see there is a new book … but in Japanese.
See this link: :
Is anyone aware of an English version in the making?
I recon it’d be an overnight best-seller.
Regards, Mark.


Highly recommended. @petter did a superb job with this guide!

Hi cmarchan
Many thanks for your prompt response.
I will most certainly consider buying the PDF, however, what I was thinking of is a book theat explains (from a beginner to a medium-skilled Bubbler), the in’s and out’s of building Bubble apps.
You should think about writing such a book, because I cannot find one.
Stay safe.
Regards, Mark.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Here other resources that may be helpful:

Many thanks cmarchan. Regards, Mark.

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Thanks for the advice.

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