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I noticed this book on Amazonódigo-Spanish-ebook/dp/B08JVDQ1B5/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&
Does anyone know of a similar book in English?
A book that I believe would be very useful would be a “ Recipes” with a bunch of solutions to common requirements.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Regards, Mark.
Thanks, Mark.


Hey Mark,

I’m not aware of any English books, personally. Hopefully someone else can help in that regard but I prefer video tutorials and there are tonnes of YouTube channels pumping out hours of videos on the basics through to advanced functionality of Bubble.

Here are some of my favourites and others I found when searching YT, in no particular order:

  • Bubble - Bubble’s own channel for short, sharp how-tos.
  • Buildcamp - Very dedicated team of Bubblers who know the tool inside and out and pump out detailed videos with great production quality.
  • Coaching No Code Apps - Gaby & Kristen make great tutorial videos but also great videos on things to think about behind the scenes i.e. planning, structure, marketing, market demand etc.
  • Zeroqode - Some great tutorials but ZQ also produce plugins and templates, so you could find a good starting point with one of their products detailed in their videos.
  • Echo Lake Technologies
  • Avalan Labs

There are in fact loads more, I just took the first group I recognised when searching YT.


Hi @marksrunge

We have just released a brand new ‘Mastering Design in Bubble’ book whereby we cover the basic principles in design including hitting UI concepts whilst debunking the Responsive engine for pixel-perfect apps.

I hope this helps.


Many thanks Niven.
I have saved the links you sent.
I purchased the “Booky” template from Zeroqode. It saved me heaps of time.
Their support is excellent.
Thanks again and stay safe, Mark.

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Many thanks “nomorecode”.
I’ve downloaded your book and joined your mailing list.
Stay safe, Mark.

Book name “The ultimate guide for bubble performance

After reading this book… I felt “boy… that’s outstanding!!!

Thank god that I read it before I started.

I’m excited to start reading their second book “The ultimate guide for bubble security

Both the books can be found here

Hope it helps.


I can’t find that book. Do you have another link, or do you know if there is another source where I can find it?

both books are written by @petter, you can find links in his profile

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