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๐Ÿš€ - Create, sell and run online bootcamps

Hi, all :wave:

New product launch :loudspeaker:

TL;DR - After teaching a bunch of bootcamps, I realised that it always involved juggling with a lot of different tools (Slack, Zoom, Typeform, etc.), so Iโ€™ve started building (on Bubble, of course) an all-in-one platform to create, sell and run online bootcamps ( Iโ€™m looking for bootcamp instructors to beta test the platform!

Still in the early stages (soft launched a couple of weeks ago), but the app already allows instructors to:

:calendar: Create a bootcamp and plan sessions
:link: Add resources to each session
:tent: Invite students or other instructors
:email: Send automated reminders
:tv: Run live video sessions on-platform (Jitsi)
:movie_camera: Record sessions and enable replay on-platform (or any videos)
:bar_chart: Export attendance reports
:speech_balloon: Chat on-platform through a Slack-like interface

On the tech side, it heavily relies on Jitsi (simple iframe integration for the time being) and @pork1977gmโ€™s videoJS plugin (the most versatile I could find, and with an awesome support :pray:). On the design side, I started from @Thimoโ€™s beautiful UI kit โ€œModern Dashboardโ€.

Had a few bootcamps organized on the platform but looking to run a few more before adding next set of features.

Would love if @Bubble could some day consider running their bootcamps on Bootkamps, obviously :innocent: but in the meantime, if youโ€™re running online group trainings (not necessary about Bubble, it can be about anything), hit me up!


Very well designed @Lucien! It goes to show how far one can take Bubble from a features and design standpoint, which so many doubt.

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Congrats @Lucien for this beautiful platform !!

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This is a really nice UI, youโ€™ve blown me away :innocent:

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Great work! :metal:

Dumb question @Lucien. How weird would the experience be if the bootcamp session were to be a 1 on 1 ?

Actually, Iโ€™ve had similar questions/requests already.

Right now it works, but as you suspect it is a bit weird, because there are no permissions at the session level, so anyone whoโ€™s part of a bootcamp can join any session. The whole platform is built around the concept of โ€œcohort-based coursesโ€, so it focuses on that use case.

It wouldnโ€™t be a huge lift to add permissions to the Session object, so that admins can define who can view/join a particular Session. Happy to discuss further to better understand your use case @cmarchan. Will PM you :email:

The most frequent request I got though is about the possibility to create โ€œbreakout roomsโ€ on the fly. Iโ€™m about to implement this, probably by allowing unique video conferencing links to be generated and shared with the relevant students. These breakout rooms will be different from regular sessions in the sense that they will not be part of the attendance sheet report, and admins wonโ€™t be able to schedule them (therefore, students wonโ€™t receive an email reminder like they do for regular sessions).

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Again, congrats @Lucien on the launch! Very impressive stuff as always :wink:

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Looking good! Congrats and all the best :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity - did you build a custom plugin to implement the Jitsi meet instance? If not did you do it primarily with just the iframe and no custom-built plugins? Thanks in advance! I hope Bootkamps is going well.

Just went with the iFrame implementation. Works really really well, and itโ€™s free. The only downside is that on mobile people need to install the native jitsi app. But my focus is desktop, so that is fine with me.

Thanks for the response Lucien!