Buildcamp - A new learning based community

Hi Folks,

I’ve just relaunched Buildcamp with a brand new community and lots of new tutorials. I took inspiration from but built something a bit more learning orientated, all with Bubble.

I currently have around 20 hours of courses and tutorials with a ton more being drip fed over the coming weeks.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been a Bubbler since 2016, have raised venture capital for a Bubble based company and am a Bubble bootcamp instructor. I only mention this as it’s the cumulative experience that I’d love to pass onto the community to see more successful Bubble based founders and hopefully make a small difference to the community!

My plan for Buildcamp is for Bubblers to talk about and share their journeys publicly, to be able to access high quality learning material as well as to seek advice and help from registered experts. I’m going to be including (optional) tipping which will hopefully foster deeper collaboration on solving technical challenges.

It’s free to join here -

We currently have 300+ members, come join us.