BOX - "Cannot obtain token based on the enterprise configuration for your app"}

I have worked through the process of adding a paid BOX service to my bubble app. I am stuck on the error - Error connecting to Box: 400 Bad Request {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Cannot obtain token based on the enterprise configuration for your app”} - No matter how I configure the BOX app settings I still get this error. can you offer any guidance on what I may be missing please.


Anybody? I have been working on this app for 2 months and this is my final step to go live!

Can you share a screenshot of your settings?

Hi Emmanuel, I have already removed the BOX app. I was hoping that someone could dot point the procedure of adding a BOX account to bubble as I cannot find any such document anywhere. Even just a dot point of the crucial steps would greatly help.

Apart from adding the BOX plugin and entering the API key and various ID’s to the plugin in bubble am i required to do anything more on the bubble side to make a Multi Upload element with BOX selected as the storage service?

As always thank you for your ongoing help and support it is very much appreciated.

One client did this after subscribing to the Box enteprise plan. Not sure our implementation supports different plans to be honest. If your current Box account doesn’t show ‘Enterprise ID’ it’s likely not the right account, and not something we support yet.

I have an enterprise ID that is shown in my box account.

So what is missing? What is the issue?

the issue is after giving the bubble plugin for BOX the correct values when i try to upload a file in the multi file element I get the error message you see in the image.

Once you drag an item into the element it shows the normal progress bar and loads until 100% then presents the error.

Well that means you should fix something at the Box level. The error message says “cannot obtain token based on the configuration of your app”. So you should check your box settings, it seems like your Bubble app talks to box correctly.

ok BOX are saying that although the details in my bubble plugin are correct they cannot see that api key trying to access their side. does this mean that the issue is the bubble plugin not working correctly?

also, what should the redirect_uri be inside box settings?

BOX just sent me an email stating that the reason is that bubble doesnt support oauth2? How does the bubble plugin for BOX authenticate?

What we have implemented is this

ok, I have obtained my JSON public key from my bubble editor settings already and then I have given the BOX plugin the Key ID that BOX generated based on the public key being added and verified by BOX. but still getting the same error?

Can you check with them you’re on the right plan given the link i posted a few minutes ago? Box’s API is complex and they have different ways to connect to it.

everything I have been asked to try I have tried with the business plan and I have also now upgraded to the top plan thinking this was the issue but still the same problem exists. the box engineer’s last email was advising me that the BOX servers have no log of my box apps api key even trying to access the system and suggested that bubble doesn’t support oauth2 and that’s why but looking at your last posts link by adding my public key from bubble this should take that out of the equasion. my big problem now is I only have a few days before my trial ends and I’m locked into either $720 or $1400 contract with them.

@emmanuel @mylodge I am in the same situation, any update on this? And yes I am on enterprise plan.

I was the one posting as Mylodge, i ended up going with our own internal server because not only could we not get to the bottom of it but even if it did work i would still not have been able to upload large files using a bubble element as the file and multi file uploaders would still cap the file size.

@jarrad hey dude, how did you manage to connect bubble to your internal server. I was hoping to get a plugin developed to connect private S3 to the app. Is your setup similar?

Because of the bubble elements limiting upload size i just ended up creating 1 way upload shared links, and making it so at the part where they would upload a large file the would click a button that would open a small iframe that contained a simple company name field and a multi uploader.
I made it so the button had to be pushed to see the iframe meaning i atleast could send an alert that there is now possibly an upload. I just didnt see the point in setting up the api only to use my own storage and not be able to still store larger files. One way i can do it is the iframe method but access our server for renaming and sorting, downloading and so on based on knowing the time the file was uploaded and cross referencing the company name…