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Any one using Box storage?


Is anyone able to connect to box storage? I really need to get this going because my app requires file uploads of up to 500 mb and have been trying this for last two days.

I seem to be following the steps correctly but keep getting this error.

“Error connecting to Box: 400 Bad Request {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“OpenSSL unable to verify data: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line”}”


That’s a pretty large file size to begin with :slight_smile:

If you have an app that’s consistently using that much storage on Box in a given upload, that may be beyond what Bubble supports for your current plan?

We put together a proof of concept of uploading a file directly to S3, bypassing Bubble’s infrastructure by using an HTML element. You’ll still be limited by S3’s upload size limit, but it’s fairly generous. It took a developer (not me) about an hour to do.

Hey thanks @dan1

Yeah that is pretty big indeed, but I was utilising Box plugin and that sure does bypasses the inherent limitation of 50MB. But I am pretty sure now that it has something to do with the encoding of the JWT as it should be Base64Url encoded. Here is what I found on stackoverflow.


Hey thanks @potentialthings

I have explored that option and it seems that’s the way to go. Do you know any developer on here? I would rather pay a developer to develop a plugin for uploading to personal S3, which everyone can use for free.

If any developers reading this, PM me please.


@zeb just to clarify, have you been able to successfully upload smaller files previously or never with success?

None… to box storage to be honest, have tried all kind of file. I am not pretty sure it has something to do with the authentication with the JWT.

However, if I switch to storage to the default bubble storage, it works (as it should).

Hi @zeb,

I got your message regarding this, and it IS quite the bear. I tried getting this to work for an app, and there are just so many parts to it, that I actually wound up using Box’s embed widget:

This is really only useful for uploading files to your own Box account though. You can still set access rights.

I think I hit a wall with the JWT authentication. Everything was working well except for this enterprise permission that kept coming back as not authorized.

Thanks @romanmg Gaby

I agree, it is quite a bear, been scratching my head for last three days now :grin:. Maybe @emmanuel can have a look. Thanks for the link again, will have a look at it and give it a go.


Take it from me dude, give up on box… ive gone down every avenue except breakfast with bill gates. Even if you do find a way to open a dialog between your bubble app and your box account or box internal app you will then hit the road block of bubbles upload elements limiting your file size anyway… im assuming though that like me you wanted to use bubble elements so you could dynamically itergrate data and tasks… if not you can iframe box upload plugins i managed to make that look fairly ok but again no dynamic control.

@jarrad Thanks Man. My use case is exactly like yours, in my app, the end users will CRUD large sized files uploaded through their account credentials. Dynamic control is a must.

Yer I was looking at 1gb accounting software backups it brought 2 months worth of work to its knees. The biggest eye opener was people hitting back with well thats a pretty big file your trying save… lol. Probly while watching a 20gb bluray… i have not yet found a single thing i cant make work some how with bubble except for its not amount of storage but single file size limits…

Ok so i couldnt help myself, i had to get to the bottom of this. Lol. I can now say i can successfully connect box via the box plugin and it works really well. A few notes though, firstly the plugin will upload to box in a users own folder and create a data entry in bubble so you can use it as if the file was stored on bubble BUT if you remove the file it doesnt remove it from box just bubbles data so it seems to no longer exist. Its more or less a upload/download storage with not many other functions. Also the dreaded 50mb upload limit is still there because of the restriction in bubbles elements.

I am in the process of creating a plugin that will give you far more options and also remove the upload limit. It was through hours of referencing the box api to do this that i eventually understood what needed to be done to make the box plugin work.

I will compile an easy to follow manual for the current plugin shortly but keep your eyes out for a supercharged version that will hopefully put an end to the upload cap while including some cool new tools…


@jarrad Hey dude thanks man, loving it already! Will wait until you finish it.

Cheers Man

Here is the instructions for the existing Box plugin.


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