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We have just published 2 new plugins

  1. App Storage (Service) - This is the service version that simply connects your app to your own Box account - here is the plugin link
  2. Storage User (Oauth) - This is the version that allows your users authenticate under their own box accounts and manage their Box from your app - here is the plugin page

These plugins allow you to integrate Box storage in your Bubble app. Box is a Simple, Secure File Sharing and Collaboration From Anywhere. You can create folders, upload files & much more

You can find the documentation for this plugin at

If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out at

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @levon, I need a service for an app that will have 2 users collaborating and uploading large files and about 1 TB storage space. Will I only need the first plugin for this and will it seem like the files are in the app itself after I hook my Box account up or does it still require users to log in with their app user account and Box account?

Also is the file upload limit increased from default?

Hey Kris,
the service version would allow to use only your (app owner) box account for file storage while the oauth version allows authenticating Box users and accessing their Box files.
so if you want 2 users to collaborate using their own box accounts then you’d still need oauth version. If you are going to use only your account, then service account should be enough

Bubble’s 50MB limit doesn’t apply to this plugin.
hope this helps

Hi Levon, is there any file size limit to the single user box plugin? It seems box itself has a 50mb limit on direct uploads. Does this plugin make use of chunked uploads?

Hello, @jeffmccutcheon. Thanks for your questions.

Max file size uploading depends on the type of account you have:

As per the fact, our plugin uses APIs, the downloading/uploading restrictions, that the sets under the subscription model, will apply to the plugin.

I’m afraid, it does not support the chunked uploads.

I hope this info will be useful for you :pray:
Zeroqode Team

Hello, friends!
We have pushed a plugin update, that has added some of the earlier requested features, namely:

To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 1.5.0 for the App Storage (Service) and Version 1.8.0 for Storage User (Oauth)) and give it a try. App Storage (Service) - Changelogs. Storage User (Oauth) - Changelogs.

Zeroqode Support Team