pluggin on descendent applications

I have’s pluggin up and running for many months now. The app has been developed using an Agency/Developer’s account (where everything works) and then the app is deployed on another one for a costumer.

Until a few weeks ago, it was fine. But then I’ve had a request to change the url that accesses the costumer app and then the problems have started! Not sure if this is the main reason, but it may be a possible cause.

The plugin refuses to upload files stating a temporary error (alert box on browser stating “we are having problems right now, please try again later”…), but providing the following information on the browser console.

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“No private key created! To create, download the public key from the editor”}

Of course I’ve uploaded the public key from the editor to box. I’ve updated the CORS configuration in box, but still nothing.

What I find strange is that the public key is the same for all the instances of the application (test@agency, live@agency, test@costumer, live@costumer). Shouldn’t they be different?

I’ve tried to regenerate a different key, but with no success. Is there a way?

I really would like to avoid generate a new descendent application as it would have to port all the data back to it… Not the easiest task…

Please help as the project is being delayed because of this “strange” behaviour.