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Braintree Plugin & API Requirements for further actions

I am using the Braintree plugin for bubble which allows me to capture a payment from a customer via what looks like a hosted checkout.

After that is successful I want to have API’s capture or vault the customer and allow me to charge them a subscription, cancel their payments etc.

But currently, the returned values only include a few fields, what I am wanting to know is what information do I need to subsequently charge the customer on a recurring basis (from bubble not using their plan as it is only monthly and I need it to be triggered at different intervals).

Can I charge the again just using their email address as the identifier?
Do I need another key or ID to do that in subsequent API calls?

Does anyone have any advice, please?

Below is a screenshot of the information returned from a Braintree payment (which is either paypal or credit card)

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Hi, same problem.
did you solved it finally?