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Braintree integration - Layout/Design issue

Hello community,

I integrated Braintree as payment provider. Everything works fne. However the layout of the payment process screen looks pretty shitty.
Minor important would be: I would love to display what people are actually buying (of course they have seen that on the screen before) in a text field.
Very important would be: To display the currency in the button. The “Pay 2500” looks super akward. Can I somehow tell Braintree to at least change to “Pay 2500 Euro”?

I have tried to find the specific elements on the braintree website. However they just refer you to the acutal code to edit the layout (which I obviously cant change).

We’ll add a field to let the user set a caption. Probably today.

Amazing! Thanks a lot!

It’s live

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Great. That’s exactly how I wanted it :slight_smile:

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is it possible to adjust what is displayed when the user gets directed to the braintree part?
I mean this part:

I would like to show only the paypal button and the CC form only after the user clicks something (icon etc) to show it.

Is this possible? And if not, could you adjust it? Simple reason behind this: I want to keep everything as simple as possible and show only 1 payment option at the same time.

We’ll see if we get this request from other users, since this form is shared by everyone and already in production, we can’t change it without warning.

thank your for the quick reply. I can understand that argument.
Would it not be possible to modify it as an optional parameter to show the CC form? for users who are already useing it the form would stay the way it was and other users could “Opt-out”.
its just…in europe/Germany when people see the credit card forms first they are more likely to bounce. And to me the page/form is very misleading. You would think the PayPal button is something like a header and you are supposed to enter your CC details now. Would really appreciate if you could discuss this internally or something.

We can do this on request/sponsored basis. If you reach out and are willing to sponsor it we can talk about it. [email protected] is the way to go for this.

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thank you. Will drop an email

Probably a stupid question, but where in Bubble do I specify how the Braintree popup gets displayed? Is it possible to embed the form into a popup I create?
Also, how can you check if the user’s payment went through?


To your third question: When the payment did not go through the workflow does not continue.