Need help Braintree setup

i have created a test page for my Braintree payment system and i followed the following steps
step 1 i signed up downloaded the plugin and filled in the keys

step 2 i created the workflows as follows

step3 i set up my payment page which is a popup as follows

when i click on pay now im not getting any success confirmation or notification whatsoever. What am i missing here guys can you assist please? @cooljen you also had a similar situation how did you go about it ?

thanks guys!

Hi @withabed I actually ended up switching to Paypal payments instead. Braintree wasn’t going to work for me at the time.

@cooljen thanks iv also created a paypal button , however when i click the button it goes to my login page, i don’t know if i did the right thing. i created the button, copied the html code to my page and that was it ? or maybe i have to go live first i dont know?
can you help ?

its taking me to this page instead

That looks right to me. It looks like it’s asking the user to login to the Paypal account to pay $10

so its ok, i should leave it like that ? @andrewgassen

I’d test it on incognito mode to make sure you can take a payment, but it looks right to me

how do you test on incognito mode ?

just open your app URL in an incognito browser tab. It’s ctrl+shift+n on a windows machine in chrome

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thanks will try that…