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Braintree Payments - Not Getting a Payment Popup - Need Help Please!


I have the Braintree plugin and created an account with them. At first I got the keys and merchant ID, copied those and pasted it on my plugins page. But then I realized, maybe its not going through because my app is still in ‘Development’ mode.

So I created a Sandbox account and then copied those keys and merchant ID to the ‘dev’ fields on my plugin page.

Now when I try running the workflow (which involves a checkbox being selected which triggers the ‘Charge the current user’ action and that action’s required fields are filled in (email, amount, description, caption).
But, when the checkbox is clicked, nothing happens.

I’ve read that a popup is supposed to pop up prompting the user for their info. What am I missing in setting this up?

Could you provide a link to your editor?

Here is what I have setup:

on the plugin page:

and the Charge the current user action (there is a random dollar amount under ‘Amount’):

Is there something else that I’m missing?