Calling Plugin Developers: A more comprehensive Braintree Plugin

Hi everyone!

I posted last month some issues I had with Stripe, so unfortunately I could not use them as my processor, but the silver lining is I was approved for a merchant account with Braintree.

Now that I’m approved for Braintree, first thing I did was scan the plugins section, and it seems the pickins are slim. Bubble published a barely basic plugin some time ago, but I was hoping to explore helping sponsor the build of a more comprehensive plugin that allows you to push and pull more data to and from Braintree.

Right now the bubble plugin only allows you to charge on the spot and add a subscriber, but there is no way to simply add a customer, or pull additional customer data from your bubble app and post it into your Braintree customer account. Likewise, there is no opportunity to pull tokenized cards from Braintree into Bubble for storage and usage based charging. Those are a few examples.

My time is rather tight, hence my exploring this option. Plus, I’m dying to get a more comprehensive plugin integrated so that I can finally launch.

Any plugin developers interested? Reply here or PM me.

Likewise, any potential sponsors willing to pitch in? Please let me know!

Hi, I can help you. Please check PM


Hi Mark,
I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you develop this plugin for Braintree.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Any update on this? Braintree now supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, both of which would be a great addition to my app. The current plugin only supports debit/credit and PayPal.

I’m also very interested in this. Any news?