Braintree setup

Hi Bubblers

Again i am asking for a push in the right direction on something it seems everyone else is getting correct.

I am unable to get a transaction to process with Braintree, I am not sure if i configured it wrong in Bubble or in BrainTree CP. Can someone who has configured it please just see where i gone wrong. I created a test page here with the same settings (and giving the same errors) as my main app.

I tried different currencies in the Braintree CP. I am still in Sandbox and i hope that all is setup correctly there. I also thing initially i configured my Merchant account incorrectly by just typing out a merchant ID instead of copying it from the API panel, but i corrected that as per screenshot below.

Anything else i might have missed please?

PS. only reason i prefer Braintree above Stripe is am more familiar with PayPal, if anyone think i should move to Stripe please post your thoughts here. Also i live in South Africa, so not all payment gateways do transfers here, Paypal integrate with my bank account and transfers is fairly easy.

resolved with Braintree support.

I am also based in South Africa and looking for a payment method usable here. Please let me know what solutions you found.

i cancelled months ago as Paypal did not work, there was one but i forgot what it was. i do remember there was a fee, i think it was $20 per month.
For me this app was a hobby that could potentially earn money, but the cost from USD to ZAR became too much for a hobby.

Help. I have linked the braintree sandbox to my PayPal sandbox. Im trying to test it out by entering the credit card credentials PayPal supplied to me on my sandbox account. But an error keeps appear. This is very frustrating and there aren’t any resources to guide me in the right direction.

mine works when I use the “Pay with PayPal option” however I receive an error “There was an error processing your request” when just filling out the regular credit card form. Has anyone else seen this and resolved it?

found the answer to the “there was an error…” message. You can’t use live cards with the sandbox environment. You have to use the list of Braintree test cards to validate the scenarios.
the information about Braintree test cards is here: