Branches? Multiple contributors?


When y’all add a bigger feature to your project that will take multiple days or weeks, how do you do things so that you’re still able to make small bug fixes or changes before finishing the big feature?

In my old developer days, I would have used git branches. So I’d start the big feature on a new branch, I could still fix bugs on the main branch. Then when the big feature is done, I’d merge that into main. This way, if something came up and I had to stop working on the big feature or delay things, I wouldn’t be blocked from fixing bugs or working on other parts of the app.

Similarly, do any of y’all have multiple contributors to your Bubble app? If so, how do you avoid blocking each other from shipping as you build?


You can use multiple development versions for this…

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Ah, thanks. That isn’t available in the plan I’m on so I hadn’t gotten to try it yet. I didn’t realize it worked that way. Good to know.

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