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Mutiple versions - Issues with having multiple developers


We are a start-up with a team of 5 developers, and we are having a hard time using the “Multiple version” Features. Many new features don’t work once we merge versions, resulting in a lot of double work.

What are the best practices when using bubble with a large team of developers?


Following this thread.

Following thread

@juan3 I’ve noticed similar things. This is my opinion and observations only, not fact - if I knew for sure and could repeatably demonstrate any of this I’d submit bug reports. First what do you mean by “New features”? I’m wiriting this with the premise you meant newly developed features, not new native Bubble features.

  1. Cross-branch work on the same element, children of element or (something I don’t understand, but that has to do with proximity) on different versions, then merge, it will break. I think we need to divide tasks between various devs in a way that ensures no workflows or elements are modified on two versions at once before they are all synced

  2. I also noticed that if the app owner has signed on to the app/switched to your branch, the element inspector will hang/freeze/not work/disappear and requires a refresh (I am the “collaborator”). You don’t see the yellow [anonymous] - index is on the app until you refresh, when you do, you lose the work starting when the hang/freezing occurred.

I’ve nothing more than that so far, but let us know if compartmentalizing tasks until all of the versions are merged eliminates your issues.

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