Bring a popup to the front

I have a popup (A), and within the popup-A the user clicks an icon that triggers another popup (B). However, when triggering popup-B I can’t actually ‘see’ popup-B, it’s behind popup-A ( I know this because if I close popup-A I can see B, but this isn’t what I want in the app).

I have tried bringing B to the front but this doesn’t solve it.

Am I missing a really obvious setting that ensures popup-B is overlayed onto popup-A??

Thanks in advance for your help!


Maybe when you show Popup-B you can also hide Popup-A? That or you can use set states to only show one at a time. Then no need to worry about which one is at the front.

Want to learn more?

Hope that helps! :blush:

Thanks J805, I did consider using states, but I wasn’t sure if I’d then ‘reset’ the popup which is not very user friendly.

Because I know the popup is there I wondered if I’d missed the obvious setting, and didn’t want to spend time setting up states etc. if there’s a simple thing I need to do.

Thanks for your help!

Yeah, unless you reset the data in the popup, it will stay there. Try sending the other popup to the back as well, maybe that will help. :blush:

Thanks Jason, I will keep exploring!

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