Popup Bring To Front not working

I have multiple popups that cascade but I cant get the ‘Bring To Front’ or ‘Send to back’ to order them so they appear correctly as explained more in this video: http://somup.com/cqVUVynbOv

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Well, first, there’s no such thing as multiple popups. A popup takes over the screen. I don’t have a second here as that pretty much explains what’s going on.

You can launch a pop up that has a GREAT BIG area and then “pop up” new groups that were not at first visible (but those aren’t popups, they are hidden groups within the original popup), but you can’t launch a popup and then superimpose another ACTUAL popup on top of it. That’s simply not how it works. Your popups are not hidden because of z ordering. They are simply NOT launching.

That’s all that’s going on.

Thanks but I dont agree.
The third popup is launching, just hidden behind 2nd.
You can see all 3 popups all in the video.

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