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Popup Hidden behind existing popup

I have one popup visible and from there I trigger another popup but the second popup is hidden behind the first popup.
Is this a bug? How do I bring the second popup to front?

It appears the order they display in is the same as the order in the Element Tree? Agree?

So I just need a way to move the popups order up and down the element tree.
I might need to copy and paste in element tree but I will have to rehook up a lot of things.
Any suggestions?

Actually with further testing it appears it maybe the fact I am calling Popup 2 from a repeating group on Popup 1.
Any ideas ho to get around this?

Actually no. It appears not obvious explanation for which popups appear in front or behind the calling popup.

Hey @graeme.cox :slight_smile: I’ve run into this before. If I’m remembering correctly, the way I got it to display correctly was to copy with workflows the popup that was behind (which needed to be in front), delete it, and then paste with workflows to ‘bring it forward’. If this doesn’t work for you, happy to take a look at the app if you can share a link.


you can right click on an element and then select “bring to front” or “send to back” to change the order while working on them. If you mean in preview mode its popping something up like it’s supposed to but you can’t see it because it “popped up” underneath a different element, my solution is to add an action in the workflows that “when X element is visible, Y element is invisible” or something to that effect. Hope this helps.

You are a legend! Thank you.
I had tried this before without success but I followed you steps exactly and it worked.
I used the ‘Edit’ menu at top to ‘Copy Form Work Flow’ to make sure I was copying the popup.

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Awesome!! My pleasure @graeme.cox! :blush: Glad you got it working as expected!

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