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Bring the Power of R to Bubble

At various times users on the forum ask about Bubble’s ability to perform complex math. Generally, the answer is that you need to access an external API that does that for you.

I recently ran across this article on R-Bloggers re “Integrating R with production systems using an HTTP API”. It seems that this type of integration with Bubble would be quite feasible and would vastly improve the ability of Bubblers to create “analytic” apps.

Just a thought.

Been done :slight_smile:

Although am I the only one to break out in a cold sweat when I saw “Domino” ? Lotus Notes anyone ?

Although … Is Notes sort of Bubble’s great Uncle ?

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@NigelG, Is it DominoDataLab?

We set-up our R-script on Blockspring and call it via an API, which has worked really well so far.

Originally, we had hosted it on Digital Ocean but R is single threaded so we would have had to create multiple instances to support multiple simultaneous queries. So, we moved over to Blockspring which both works better, takes care of all of the hardware / network operations aspect, and happens to only cost $10 a month (we would pay much more given the benefit we get).


@sridharan.s, I don’t see R listed as a service using the Blockspring plugin. What service name do you use?

We set-up our own block on blockspring and then call it via the API Connector.

@sridharan.s, OK, thanks.

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I think Microsoft has a new version that is multi-threaded

Yeah, but if you are an ancient IT person like me you will remember that Lotus Notes (now IBM Notes) had a Server called Domino. That you were always losing connection to !

So, does that mean domino data lab is built with bubble?