Broken Initial Value - Input will not store initial values unless the are text

I use to be able to store calculations in a hidden integer / decimal field, but this no longer works… Is this the way bubble is suppose to work now or is this broken? How to do you pre-calculate something and then have bubble do another calculation on that output… this was easy with fields… but now you have to string it all together which does not work in every scenario. ALL inputs when using a numerical mode do not work. However old ones i made before this change still seem to do the calculations. Its like just new inputs added can no longer do this

Can you share some screenshots or a link to the editor? This sounds weird, but I’m not sure I understand it entirely.

I can do that… basically when you take an input and set the initial value to do some sort of calculation like search for this:count - 22 would give you some value. Lets say the value is 58… well it only shows up if a field is set to text… when you change the type in the dropdown list like - integer / decimal / percent / and so on - the calculation stops working. That sucks, cause if i want to reference the inputs initial value in another calculation, i get nothing as the output… since the input needs to be in a integer or decimal mode to be used by bubble in numerical calculations.

“Item” what field type is it? In order to have the calculations to work, they have to be numbers all the way to the end. Have you make sure that it’s not of the type Text on the way in your calculations?

well the calc will work… just not in the initial value field WHEN it has been switched to decimal or integer. Even if i add format as number / or calculate a number from other decimal fields to begin with. What is odd is a have old inputs that it works on… but if i copy the same expression to a new one, it does not work

Alright. I had a similar problem to this, the field types are not always collaborating with us… A simple page refresh solved my problem. You have to make sure that content format stays the same if you want to use them in other inputs and that the format is the same as your field type in your DB. I.e. if your field type is text in your DB and the content format of your input is integer, the input wont display anything.

Sorry, I’ve misunderstood everything. I now see that it’s a simple :count.

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