Broken Picture Links with Multi-Image Uploader (Seems to be creating temp files from mobile)

Hi all - fairly new Bubbler here and I have an app that offers a pop-up to add a new thing, which (when on mobile) you can take a picture of using the camera rather than uploading an existing file.

This appears to work perfectly except that, in some instances, after a day the image suddenly disappears and shows only as a broken link. The file doesn’t seem to appear in the file manager either. My best guess is that when the picture is taken, it is creating some sort of temp file that doesn’t remain available after a certain period of time. But, I don’t understand why some of the images become temp files and others seem to actually get uploaded into the file manager. And, I want to be sure that the multi-image uploader actually uploads any and all photos taken with it.

Any insights would be most appreciated!!



I have continued to play with this and troubleshoot, and learned that the issue actually stemmed from the fact that, when the multi-image uploader pop up showed in my app, the multi-image uploader showed the images that were uploaded for the prior item (even though the workflow had actions to reset all of the inputs and data after creating the new thing). If the user did nothing with those prior images, it would re-upload those images to the new thing that the user was trying to create. If the user Xs (deletes) out those prior images so that they don’t get added to the new thing (to which they are irrelevant), then it actually seems to delete those images from the file manager itself.

I created a Loom to show what was going on before I fixed the problem: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Previously (and unsuccessfully), I had been trying to clear out the data from the multi-image uploader by using the “reset data” and “reset inputs” element actions in my workflow once a new Thing was created and I needed my uploader to reset. Those reset data/inputs actions worked for every other type of input in my pop-up, except for the multi-image uploader. I ultimately learned that the multi-image uploader I was using (a plug in by Airdev) relied on custom states, so I added a new step – “Set state” – for the multi-image uploader to my workflow once a new thing is created. Then I set the custom state for the file images but left it blank. (In other words, resetting the custom state to nothing.) And it worked!!! Now, once a user creates their new thing, the popup hides and everything (including the images on the multi-image uploader) gets reset.

Hope this helps anyone who gets tripped up similarly.