[New Free Plugin] Advanced Multi file Uploader

Just published new plugin to support multi files upload with more advanced features

this plugin will allow you to access files when it is uploading and preview upload progress, thumbnail if image, size, and more

and control uploaded files with actions
to view the plugin in action check the demo page

Multi image upload through bubble has been a problem. Its always “worked” but never the way you want and in such an ugly way.

This plugin needs more attention because it’s the closest solution I’ve found.

Nice work @momen !

You should add this thread to your plugin page so people can comment. I happen to fiund you through another thread.

Also a request: If you could limit/ compress image upload size that would make this amazing.

Example: Right now it only seems to accept full size images from your phone. Would be great to upload a smaller file size so upload speeds on phones improve. It takes a really long time for users to upload multiple images that are full size (especially with poor cell service).


Excellent plugin, thanks! Love the fact that you used the API connector to create its own data type.

I see that the plugin is built on the version 2. Is there a reason why you choose that? Would it be possible to upgrade it; it causes some width issues on the new engine.

Great work! :raised_hands:

A couple of questions / requests:

1. add a reset function

For the reset function, here’s the code I’m using to reset it window.uppy.reset();. Also, you might need to change the category to form (it’s currently as a visual element).

2. allow uploaded files to attach to a Data type so that I can enforce privacy rules.

Or is there already a way to do this? Is this what the File uploads enabled is for?

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Sorry for the late reply , we are going to return to support all our plugins and aslo added a lot of new plugins

and for this features , yes we will consider it on our roadmap

@momen Are there any plans to upgrade the plugin to support uploads over 50 MB? I’d happily buy a paid version if it had this since the size limit cripples something that would otherwise be a killer plugin…

Hi there, is there a bug with the plugin? the progress % doesn’t seem to work anymore… progress bar go from 0 to 100% right away.