Browser Extension Wrapper for Bubble Apps

I’ve seen an older post about this question, with most replies essentially boiling down to “there is a paid solution for this”, in fact there’s so many of them that I feel it is possible to find something like this for free. What I want is to turn my bubble app into a google chrome extension. I’ve tried WebDGap, but in my case when trying to access the app it just reads " [app name] refused to connect". I’ve seen many paid solutions, but I am currently only testing out ideas and simply don’t have the budget. Thanks in advance.

Google how to build a v3 chrome extension. Go from there.

Thank you for the quick reply! Googling it now.

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thanks @jared.gibb Just googled it and i also came across this base extension to start from :

P.S. if you figure it all out, let me know because i’ll actually need an extension for my app in the future … was just wondering about this the other day lol