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[UPDATED] Extensionator: Turn a Bubble page into a Chrome extension! 🧩

Greetings all,

We just went live with Extensionator. This is not a plugin, but rather a service that generates a custom, branded Chrome extension for your Bubble app.


Several clients over the past year contacted us to create extensions for their Bubble-built SaaS business, so we compiled commonly requested features into a service to benefit the entire Bubble community.

Why might you want a Chrome extension for your app? A number of possible reasons actually, including:

  • Quick access to your app from any web page - either for view-only reference purposes or for capturing user input without having to “switch context” to your Bubble website.
  • Capturing selected text on the page - e.g. contact info or text snippets of any kind. For instance, one client used it to enable their users to capture feedback from various web services directly into their Bubble app.

More detail here…

There are no external dependencies - no Bubble plugin or 3rd party service is required. Literally within minutes, you can have your own extension that’s ready to submit to the Chrome Web Store.

Happy Bubbling!



Hey Steve, is this on the v2 or v3 manifest?

Hi @davidscott.pal,

v3 of course! :slightly_smiling_face:

(And I almost mentioned that in the post but thought it might be too geeky for most no-coders. :wink:)


Looks cool, @sudsy! Love to see how you’ve progressed!

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Interesting. I’d love to explore.

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worked perfectly,
I spent more money on a course touted here and it didn’t work!
This solution is so much better.


Hi Steve,

I purchased this and it works great except for a couple of issues. Are you able to help resolve?

  1. Google login doesn’t work (Facebook works). I get this " refused connection. I tested the page outside of the chrome extension and it works fine. Also tested using another code (manifest ver 2) and it works fine.

  2. Tried to change the dimensions in the popup.js file, doesn’t do anything.


Any change there is a way to do a cropped screencapture from the page? It would be trickered from the bubble app that is in the extension.

Hey @hello.plannwin,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

Yeah, I don’t think that will work from within the hosted context of the extension (for security reasons). That said, I do have an idea for a possible work-around which I will explore when I get a chance.

In the interim, you might consider allowing password login as well.



Great suggestion, @MarkusBoostedApp. Not possible currently, but enabling that (as well as other “commands”) from the Bubble app is something we’re considering; although it would likely require a companion Bubble plug-in. Would such a solution work for you?


Works for sure!

Just FYI (for the more technically inclined), Google is no longer accepting extensions to the Chrome Web Store that are built with manifest v2 precisely because of security reasons. The primary impetus behind v3 manifest and associated changes in the extension API is enhanced security. In short, Google’s security measures with regard to extensions are now more stringent.

For the record, we don’t support modifying the generated extension in any way. The whole point of the Extensionator configurator (say that 5 times fast :wink:) is to provide a simple-to-use “self-serve” means for no-coders without the time, desire, or technical savvy to generate a custom Chrome extension for their Bubble app.

As always, we welcome and encourage feedback and input - especially new capabilities you’d like to see.


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Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’ve updated our Extensionator service. We leveraged recent improvements in Chrome to provide enhanced security.

The caveat is that Chrome 96 or higher is now required to install extensions generated by Extensionator. Generally speaking, that shouldn’t be an issue, since Chrome is of course free, and keeping it up to date is highly recommended. (The current version of Chrome is 98.)

Please note that you must register as a Chrome developer (for which Google charges $5 USD) in order to submit your extension to the Chrome Web Store.

Of course, we understand that most no-coders are not really Chrome developers, which is why we walk you through the process of testing and submitting your new extension to the Chrome Web Store.

Happy Bubbling!


Oi! Neglected to mention that you can use promo code FEB15OFF during checkout through the end of the month for a 15% discount. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sudsy any update about the screenshot function? I have a need to crop custom areas from pdf/webpages in Chrome.

@sudsy Hi Steve is there a walk-through of how to set this up?

Hi @stevenrichardlevy,

You must pay $5 to Google to register as a Chrome developer so that you can submit the extension to the Chrome Web Store. Once you generate the extension and the transaction is complete, you’ll get an email with info and links to docs that walk you through the process. Note that you’ll need to “allow all iframes” in your app’s settings for it to work.

Gotcha! Thankyou for the quick reply!

Have you been able to allow google auth from within the extensions pop-up? (noticed a comment from earlier in the thread…)

No, unfortunately. While far from ideal, you might be able to open a separate window from your extension-hosted (iframed) Bubble page for that. Haven’t actually tried it though.

thank you!

Hi @sudsy! Is Extensionator set up to handle custom JS injection? My goal is to trigger it via toggle on the Bubble side to inject JS into the current open tab, but it looks like I’ll need some event listeners to facilitate this.