Bubble 7 broke my project

Hello, I need help, On a project me and my friend are collabing on called Droplet (URL: https://dropletvideo.bubbleapps.io/version-test), a video sharing site, When i upgraded the site to Bubble 7, Everything broke. The watch page always went to the first video ever (despite me doing the whole unique id = something thing) and the channel page always went to the first channel ever then went to the 404 page. We had to revert to Bubble 6, Please help

  • lodeko (AKA Swordsoftarchive)

Sorry if i put this in the wrong section.

Sounds like you were relying on something ignoring (or not) empty constraints.

i never check the ignore empty constraints option on my bubble projects because i don’t really need it

Yes, but this may still explain it…
If you chose not to ignore empty constraints (Ignore empty constraints = false) before the upgrade and you used “isn’t in” this will be impacted.

As explained here:

From this post:

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so i have to change it to “is in”?
if so, do i do that by checking “ignore empty constraints”? i’m confused here

UPDATE: checking the “ignore empty constraints” option did LITERALLY NOTHING to help.

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same it’s not working for me either

my problem here is that everything goes to the first item in their list, no matter what i set.

what the bananas is going on here

i have to revert to bubble 6 for any hope but i want to use bubble 7 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hey folks!

If something in your app is not acting as expected, please do file a bug report with steps that our team can follow to reproduce this issue so that we can further investigate.

Thanks in advance!

that is indeed happening, look above

Thanks can I get a confirmation if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong? This was working find but not after the update.

All I have is search for user constrained by the unique id


But all the users are now showing after the update.

I hit ignore empty constraints if that is suppose to do anything…

@oiplive same for me too

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Yeah I can’t understand it. I literary have it set to show only users with the unique ID. But it’s like the constraint now isn’t working… thinking of going back to previous version or I’ll just wait for a response…


Thanks, we’re looking into it!


thanks I reverted back to 6 in the meantime, and it’s now working how it should.

So I either didn’t understand what else I needed to do to make it work with V7, or it just wasn’t working right.

Thanks for the heads up! We’ve rolled out a fix and “unique id =” should be working as normal in Version 7 now.


Hi All and support,

To contribute to the feedbacks, I also update to version 7 and got a problem with all my files.

It doesn’t seems to delete them even from the file manager. After hitting the deleting action, it still appears on refresh. Then, when I want to see the file i get this error message :

All the deleting file workflow are not working as well.

When I come back to the Bubble 6, I still have the same issue.

Has anyone experienced the same issue ?

Thanks by advance for the feedbacks.

If you’ve rolled back to v6 and are still seeing this issue, it is unlikely to be related to v7. Please do submit a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate!

Thanks for your answer @eve, my report is send.
Even if it’s not related to bubble 7, this bug is very recent. I also noticed other issues in my workflows including files operations, and i suspect this bug to be the cause of it.