Bubble account hacked and app stolen

I have an app I was building and it was transferred to another account or deleted, I don’t know. This is the app URL: Bubble | No-code apps.
@emmanuel is there a way around it?

First off, sorry to hear. You are suggested to setup 2FA or least use a password manager.

You’re best off emailing support@bubble.io to get better assistance.

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Why were you hacked in the first place? Did you log in to a phishing website or something?

I can’t say for certain all I know is that the app is no longer on the my apps list. It’s also on the starter plan too. Would I get billed for it?

Is there anything I can do about it?

This is still what you should do:

I’ve found who did it. Some random person from Switzerland :roll_eyes:.

He doesn’t seem to want anything from me just the app.

I’ve already contacted support but they haven’t responded.

This is becoming a bit of a worrying thread - how can you be sure it’s this guy? Did you know him before this happened? Did you share your Bubble account password with anyone? Did he / anyone he’s related to linked to the app in any way?

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The support team will handle this :+1:


I logged in as a user on the spp preview and saw this. I’ve already checked for him online and discovered he’s only on LinkedIn.

Apparently he runs an agency which is weird.

How did they have the password to log into your account?