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Bubble Affiliate Program - Get paid a commission to refer people to Bubble

This was mentioned here but got no response: Is there a referral program for

Our company works a lot with E-Commerce Systems like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. When we bring new clientele to their platform, we get paid a commission of the customer’s monthly payment for as long as that customer has their store. We’ve spent many hours of sweat equity to become experts to acquire this precious monthly commission. I believe Bubble can benefit from such a program.

For these E-Commerce Systems, we are incentivized to make the on-boarding process as smooth as possible for a brand new customer… And since the commission is only there when the customer has an active store, we have a further incentive to keep the customer continually happy on their new E-Commerce system by providing ongoing consultation/support.

In all, the E-Commerce platform benefits from a brand new acquisition of a customer AND a support expert in us to make sure they are taken care of to keep their store which keeps our commission flowing each month. A win-win for all parties.

Does Bubble have anything like this or any plans to? Perhaps adding this to the Agency Plan?


Wanted to bump this topic! Any word?

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Hey Bubble! Come on!

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This seems like the ultimate of no brainers.


I’ve noticed that there is referral program for some partners like Makerpad (they have the link, but unfortunately its not for general users :frowning:

Hi @radzievskaya.anna, the link that you posted ( seems to go homepage…

Yea, I’ve been sharing a lot with people. Would be nice if I could get some sort of credit.

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Still not an available option I assume?

Any news on the affiliate program for bubble?

Hey there @michael.ionita and everyone else,

I swear Bubble had this feature in with referrals like a month or two ago but it might’ve been in testing or something because I don’t see it anymore or I don’t remember where it was put.


I was having exactly the same problem.
The referral link is on Account>Marketplace>And then scroll down

Scroll down to where? I don’t see anything on the page about referral link

@boston85719 Go to Account - Marketplace - Referral. It is below Payouts and Seller information


I don’t have this option available, below Payouts is a big blank space (I assume that’s where it goes). Do I have to do something in particular to activate this?

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Probably has something to do with account type maybe? Or if you sell items in the market place? Don’t know just putting a few ideas out.

It must only be “Activated” for certain accounts. I’m not sure what criteria is needed, I do know that I have access to it as well, against my knowledge:

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Is the only requirement to activate stripe with your account?

That’s a good point, it may be. Although, on the opposite, the credit applies directly to your bill, not as a payout. I don’t know for sure :man_shrugging: