Bubble Agency Help - Client Project Managemen

Do you guys believe it’s ok to restrict a client’s payment options to what is convenient for your agency? I really don’t like dealing with a mess of invoices and creating new accounts on different platforms to appease a client’s unlimited choice of payment options and I want to streamline the process with a webpage and Stripe credit card checkout so I can use this to automatically pay the freelancers working on the project.

Ultimately, I worry this lowers the quality of service for the client. I’m stuck with this dilemma how do I move away from chaos to scale a business without detracting from the quality of service clients receive.

I worry clients will be resistant to any systems put in place

I suggest that you try one and then see how it goes.
I stick with automatic paypal invoices (using the API from my app) and upon request I manually provide stripe too but that’s rare.

There is no way, you will be able to maintain large variety of payment systems when your bussiness will scale, majority apps tries to understand who their main customers and suit sollutions for them.