Bubble always displaying decimals

No matter what I do I cannot get bubble to display my inputs/txts without decimals.

I have screen captures of my App in the past and it worked perfectly. I didn’t change any formating settings and now all of a sudden I get decimals!

Attached is two different settings I’ve tried but both have the same results.

The only thing changing under conditions is the background color.


Apparently Bubble has made a change to this within the last few days, report a bug. I have had some other issue about decimals as well.

Other post: Decimals Issue is Back

I hope they fix this soon because it breaks my app. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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@J805 Thanks so much! I was going crazy for a few hours.

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Yeah, me too. I hope @Bubble will fix this soon. @eve do we have a status on this?

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