Is decimal issue back?

The decimal issue on iOS same as below seems back…
Did anyone find solution???

It works fine when I test it on that test page. Does it work for you on the test page?

Hi thanks for your response!
On your app, yes it working well. I guess your input element’s content format is “currency”, right?

I’m suffering “decimal format”…
Can you try on my app? Does it work for your iPhone?

It works for me. :blush: Just tested it.

Hmmm… can you let me know your version of iOS? mine is iOS 17.1.2 though

Mine is the same too. :blush:

Your comment was quite enlightening. It turns out, the glitch surfaces with the Japanese (JIS) keyboard setting on my iPhone, but not with the US one. Any savvy tips to fix it while using the JIS layout?

Interesting. I would suggest submitting a bug report with Bubble so they can try to figure it out. :blush:

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