Bubble API - Add item to list

Hi all - just wondering if there’s a way to add an item to a list via the bubble API?

As an example:

PUT request to /user/{id-of-user-to-update}

I’ve tried sending things like:
“fieldname”: “{id-of-item-to-add}”

Also on ChatGPT’s recommendation:
“fieldname”: “{
“add”: [”{id-of-item-to-add}"]}

No luck. Although with the first format I can replace all items with the new array with a POST request. Anyone know how to add an item instead?


Probably do a GET request first to get the full list of the User and then add the item to the list and do a PATCH request with the new full list.

Thanks @williamtisdale - It’s certainly a decent option. I was hoping to handle it in one action, but if that’s not possible I can do this :slight_smile: