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Hi Bubblers, I’m trying to build an api connection between Bubble & Withings.

In setting up the developer account for Withings, it’s asking for a callback url.

Could someone help me with what to put there? I’m 50/50 in thinking it might not matter :man_shrugging:



I may have answered my own question & it seems like it is completely arbitrary, as long as it is a valid url!

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The callback URL is actually a important part of the authentication process. This is the URL where the ‘authorization code’ will be sent to retrieve the ‘access token’ once the user gives permission to your bubble app.

Thanks for your note Shawnmi6. While the url itself is important, is the url you use important? For instance, I have used https://jeremyjameswithingstest.com

You need to have the proper workflows setup at https://jeremyjameswithingstest.com to capture the authorization code which will be sent to that url or else the authentication flow will be broken and you wont be able to make any api calls.

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Sure & that is set within bubble API plugin correct?

However, if I specified it as https://jeremyjameswithingstest1234.com/ & built the same workflows that would make no difference, right?

Yes it would make no difference.

@jeremyjameslevy I’m not sure what you mean by that, the URL actually matters a lot
A callback URL is used to send data from an app (Withings for example) to your app via an API endpoint set up in backend workflows. It should always look like https://your-app-name.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/wf/endpoint-name

Hope this helps a little

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how can i authenticate the url?