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Bubble API connector for Companies House UK


Has anyone successfully tried to connect Companies House REST Api via Bubble’s API connector?

I can successfully connect to CH REST API via postman but apparently same configs are not working in Bubble API connector.

Postman output (success):

Error on Bubble Api connector:

Bubble API connector configs:

Any help here is much appreciated!



Welcome to Bubble Forum!

I don’t know if you have tried this, but you can insert the username and password here:

Please, let me know if it helps!

The error indicates an incorrect header. You likely need to send your api key in the header

Or you need to pass along username/password perhaps?

Yes, I have tried many combination of authentications so far including HTTP Basic Auth, Private Key and Private key in header.
None of them worked yet.

Even in postman only thing that worked was ‘HTTP basic auth’ with the catch that I need to enter API key “using global variable” in username field. If I mention typical username and password, it won’t work.

Hence, I am trying to replicate something similar in Bubble API connector but so far no success.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I tried to enter API key in header but it didn’t work.

I tried to enter it in global header as well.

In postman, when you make your call look at the headers tab. Take a screenshot and post it here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of headers from Postman.

‘Authorisation’ header is automatically added by Postman
Other headers are of course completed by postman.

@mateusproto @jared.gibb

Thanks guys for quick discussion which triggered me to do different permutations.
Good news!
Finally I got it working.

Replicated all headers except “Host” from Postman here. I tried this earlier as well.
But the authentication then I had to choose “Private key in header”.


Yes! Nice work. It’s just I was just reading up on their documentation and saw that you need to send that in the header. The authorization key with a value

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Thanks for your time and suggestion.

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