Bubble API Connector - LinkedIn Tokens Expiring Randomly

Users are reporting creating a new LinkedIn account returns an error. I go to my API settings and its telling me the tokens have expired even though my developer dashboard at LinkedIn shows I have not hit my 2 month mark yet.

I run the flow in a version-test, reauthorize the tokens, then a few days later, they expire again for no reason :man_shrugging:

anyone :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

They might have an expiry date. A few api providers do this like google and stripe. At least they do for a users account credentials, not for an app.

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@boston85719 as mentioned in my post - my LinkedIn token has not expired.

@boston85719 that’s what I meant with this info. sorry if I did not explain this well

I’m not sure…my only experience with tokens expiring and needing to reinitialize is because of the users access tokens expiring.

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@boston85719 yes, I saw a lot of warnings about that while figuring out the initial setup, so I added it to my calendar right away in order to not miss that deadline. this is something else. I do appreciate you taking the time to lob up a suggestion though - it is the #1 issue from what I’ve seen - just not my issue.

Which kind of Auth are you using?

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In API Connector, the token is not refreshed. This is only for the user. I don’t think your error is related to that.

What is the error you get from your users?

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about 3 minutes after I refresh the token by validating it on a version-test page, the error pops back up in the API connector

what’s happening on the user side:

2 scenarios here.

1 is if the user is already logged into their LinkedIn account when they sign up using LinkedIn on my website; and the 2nd scenario is when the user is not currently logged into LinkedIn when they sign up on my website using the LinkedIn. Both of these scenarios are occurring while an error exists in the Bubble API Connect Plugin “Your token is not valid any more. You should sign up again in run mode to get a token to set up and modify your calls”

Scenario 1
After the user clicks on the “log in with LinkedIn” button they’re navigated to LinkedIn oath page asking them to log in. After they enter their credentials and login, they’re NOT asked if they want to share data with my website, they’re simply redirected immediately back to my website as a logged in user with their name and email address associated with they’re account.

Scenario 2
After the user clicks on the “log in with LinkedIn” button they’re navigated to LinkedIn’s oath page asking them share data with my website, once approving, they’re navigated back to my website as a logged in user with their name and email address associated with they’re account.

Like I told, it’s not an error in API Connector. It’s just normal way Bubble work. API Connector doesn’t refresh token (for the backend user, you, when you try to create new calls). But it doesn’t affect your API Settings and it will continue to work.

If user get logged in, this is working. It,s normal that if the user already approve your app, they don’t need to approve it again. (they need to revoke auth before). There’s some API that will always ask and some that will let you have a choice to ask all, ask only new scope or nothing if they already authorize your app.

If your 2 scenarios work, you don’t have any issue.

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I’m getting an error now:

You’re ID has not been tested.

In Version-test, authenticate to reactivate the token in API Connector and push update to live. Check if the error continue in live mode after.
Normally it should not affect your user that the API Connector token is expired. I suggest you to send a ticket support to Bubble if pushing live didn’t fix the issue. Recently Bubble made a couple of update on API Connector.


@Jici - yes, did all that already - they are not having lots of luck, either. was hoping to get lucky here :sweat_smile:

The same issue when I was using the Google API or Snapchat. Sometimes the API connector doesn’t refresh tokens when needed. Works randomly.

I wasn’t able to prove the API connector has the issue.

The best and fast way - to build out the manual flow. You can manage it as you want.

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An example with Snapchat.

User A had a valid token for ~20 days. So, no issues with the API calls.
User B may get an invalid token the next day. So, cannot use the API. The worst thing that sometimes the resign-in step doesn’t solve the issue. You just stuck on it with the invalid token.

The conversation with the Bubble support is still open, but I didn’t reply for a while since I cannot prove the issue.

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