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Bubble API Connector - LinkedIn Tokens Expiring Randomly

Users are reporting creating a new LinkedIn account returns an error. I go to my API settings and its telling me the tokens have expired even though my developer dashboard at LinkedIn shows I have not hit my 2 month mark yet.

I run the flow in a version-test, reauthorize the tokens, then a few days later, they expire again for no reason :man_shrugging:

anyone :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

They might have an expiry date. A few api providers do this like google and stripe. At least they do for a users account credentials, not for an app.

@boston85719 as mentioned in my post - my LinkedIn token has not expired.

@boston85719 that’s what I meant with this info. sorry if I did not explain this well

I’m not sure…my only experience with tokens expiring and needing to reinitialize is because of the users access tokens expiring.

@boston85719 yes, I saw a lot of warnings about that while figuring out the initial setup, so I added it to my calendar right away in order to not miss that deadline. this is something else. I do appreciate you taking the time to lob up a suggestion though - it is the #1 issue from what I’ve seen - just not my issue.

Which kind of Auth are you using?