LinkedIn Oauth "Token not valid any more"

I have successfully set up the LinkedIn oauth2 api connection as per the blog post:

This connection works but I keep getting this issue:

When I log back in through the oauth flow that I set up, I get the message that the call has successfully been set up and then bubble forces a refresh (presumably its because it’s saving the new auth token in the background)
And then the error message changes to this:

I have check the permissions that I have listed in the api connection with my allowed permissions in my LinkedIn app and everything is there as it should be.

This issue has been discussed before:

and here:

and here:

But no one seems to have an answer to this.

This is not a LinkedIn token expiring issue. I see this happening every time I log in from a new incognito window (i.e. no cookies to store the session).

Anyone have any answer to this?