"Your token is not valid anymore." Message

I’ve successfully initialized the Google Calendar API in the API Connector.

I then see this message on the plugin page:

However, once I refresh the page, the previous message becomes the following:

Has anyone else experienced this before and can possibly lend me a hand? Or maybe this is a bug @emmanuel?



We don’t refresh tokens in edit mode so you may have to refresh the token but once done you should be able to initialize calls.


Ok thanks!

@dbevan did this resolve itself or did this re-occur if so can may I enquire as to how you resolved it? I have the very same issue but mine is persistent re-occurring every 3600 seconds. I thought I had resolved it here yesterday Google Analytics report via Bubble API connector

Does this imply bubble refreshes token only in live mode & not in edit mode as my People API connector breaks connection every few hrs.