Bubble API Connector Timing Out

Why does it keep retrying the api? The api takes around 1 min to return a value. Is there no workaround?

What is the API you are trying to consume? 1 minutes sounds like too much to wait for an API response.
Does the API you are consuming offer an asynchronous consumption? i.e. send the request and then receive the response as an event to a callback URL/ webhook (which would be a backend workflow)?

If not, I think you may need to create an API gateway outside of bubble (AWS api gateway or maybe something like Zappier). The idea would be
Your bubble app makes an API call to a the gateway. The gateway make an API call to the API you are consuming, and immediately returns an 200 OK with some Call ID. The Gateway waits for the response as long as you need it to. When the response comes or times-out, the API gateway way makes and API call to your bubble webhook with the results…