How does API timeout work?

Question for Bubble @neerja
How does the API timeout work? We’re POSTing to another service that might take up to 5mins to finish and return a 200 success message to Bubble. Do we need to be concerned about the Bubble API timing out in that 5min period or is the time from POST to response irrelevant?

API call timeout is 60 seconds regardless of GET or POST.

Okay. What does this mean for other jobs hitting the API during this 60sec? Is the API able to handle other jobs during this timeout period? @neerja

For example, if my POST to another service takes 5mins to complete and Bubble times out at 60sec, does that actually matter? I don’t actually care that Bubble gets a response or not. Can I simply let Bubble timeout? Is the Bubble Connector able to take on other jobs during this timeout period?

The second scenario where you don’t care about whether Bubble receives a response from the POST, that should not cause any issues.

One scenario where you can run into issues is if you have sequential API calls in a workflow. For example, if the first call times out, the second and third and so on will not run.

Very helpful context. Thanks.

I have a similar situation. I call an external API that needs several minutes to run. I don’t care about the response. How are you handling the error message that Bubble spits out after the external API call timeout? I don’t have anything happening after the POST API call in my workflow. Are you suppressing it somehow?

Is there any way to extend the timeout setting?